Emerging Technologies is a Turnkey Service Provider in the Renewable Energy project development sector. Adept at management, engineering, environment, policy, institutional, financial and socio-economic analysis, we can help you navigate the complex policy environment to acquire and develop utility-scale Solar PV, Hydropower, Windpower, and Waste-to-Energy projects in Nepal.

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Emerging Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established and registered with the Department of Industries & Corporate...

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We offer turn-key services in the following areas: Renewable Energy Projects and Irrigation Supply Projects...

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 Google Map Sainbu-1, Lalitpur Kathmandu Valley Nepal    +977 9843422903, +977 (0)1 5592678,    

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Project Development & Asset Management


“Hope is not a strategy. The planet needs your green business ideas.”         UPDATE Sept 15, 2020: ? ? CONGRATULATIONS!!! to ??Chyau.Bio &...

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Ongoing Projects

ClimateLaunchpad   Site Investigation of 10 MWp Solar PV Project   Detailed Feasibility Study of 10 MWp Solar PV Project   Desk Study of 5...

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Our Clients are a diverse mix of government agencies, multilateral development banks, private sector energy developers, and UN agencies.     

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Solar PV Overview

  Solar in the Global Context The large-scale deployment of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is of rising interest in both the national and global context. In...

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We offer turn-key services in the following areas: Renewable Energy Projects and Irrigation Supply Projects Desk Study and Survey License Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS) and...

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Why Choose Us?

Our company is led by professionals with advanced degrees in management, engineering, finance, policy and economics. We have a track record of delivering concept stage projects to financial closure and implementation. Our independent research and analysis has been instrumental in policy formation by apex energy institutions of Nepal. We excel in Customer Service and our clients trust us to deliver excellence on time, so we can grow together in the exciting field of Energy and the Environment.

Working towards a sustainable future through energy and environment solutions. Since 2013.

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