About Us

Emerging Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established and registered with the Department of Industries & Corporate Registrar Office in 2013 A.D. to provide cutting-edge solutions in the Energy and Environment Sector. The perils of destabilizing the climate through the unabated use of fossil fuel in electricity generation have elucidated that Renewable Energy Technologies must play the leading role to achieve “universal access to electricity” by 2030. However, for countries like Nepal with complex policy environment, the prospect of developing renewable projects comes with many challenges.

Our vision is to overcome these challenges through the use of expert knowledge in the field of renewable energy project development; energy and environment policy, accounting, financing and economics; information and communication technologies; and climate resilience. Our solutions, which are based on international best practices, are tailored to the local market and policy scenario to fulfill the requirement of our clients. By providing exceptional service on time, we believe in building trust with our clients and growing together in the exciting field of Energy and the Environment.