Message from the MD

At the global level, the problems in the energy and environment field are very diverse. On one hand, high-income nations with high energy-intensity are accelerating efforts to curb the use of fossil fuel to combat climate change. Whereas on the other hand, more than a billion people in low- or middle-income countries of South Asia and Africa have no access to modern electricity services. Access to electricity reduces human drudgery, enhances comfort and enables safer and cleaner environment. It boosts productivity and economic activity, creates jobs, and facilitates delivery of education, health and government services. As services provided by energy are critical ingredients of socioeconomic development, there is an urgent need to enable modern electricity services for everyone.

Recognizing these benefits, the United Nations (UN) led Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative seeks to ensure universal access to modern energy services and the Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) seeks to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for everyone by 2030. A Multi-Tier Framework (MTF) for electricity access has been developed under the leadership of the World Bank Group to measure and track SE4ALL and SDG7 energy access goals and targets, which have also been adopted by the Government of Nepal (GoN).

The perils of destabilizing the climate through the unabated use of fossil fuel in electricity generation have elucidated that Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) must play the leading role to achieve “universal access to electricity” by 2030. However, for countries like Nepal with limited government resources, the prospect of enabling energy access through renewable technologies comes with many challenges.

Emerging Technologies was established with the vision to overcome these challenges through the use of expert knowledge in the field of renewable energy project development; energy and environment policy, accounting, financing and economics; information and communication technologies; and climate resilience. Our solutions, which are based on international best practices, are tailored to the local market and policy scenario to fulfill the requirement of our clients. By providing exceptional service on time, we believe in building trust with our clients and growing together in the exciting field of energy and environment.


Abhishek Yadav

Managing Director

MSc. Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, UCL, UK

BSc. Electrical Engineering, UNO, USA